White Topaz: A Gemstone that Shines as Bright as Your Dreams

White Topaz Gemstone

White Topaz is a beautiful white gemstone with little transparency which is why it is often mistaken as diamonds. Sometimes people use it in the place of diamonds because of the resemblance. However, this stone’s hardness on moh’s scale is lower than diamonds so this stone is not as durable as diamonds.

This clear topaz is of the silicate mineral family and have many properties. For thousands of years, topaz stones have been loved and are found in many colors. The white topaz is the one which is often used in jewelry. This stone is gorgeous and gives many advantages to the person who wears it. Its spark and luster make it a very attractive stone.

In this article, we will learn more about this sparkling gemstone known as the White Topaz, a white stone of the Topaz family.

Origin of the White Topaz Gemstone

Natural White Topaz gemstones are found in various different parts of the world. Some places where this stone is originated are Sri Lanka, Russia, Brazil, Pakistan, etc. This gemstone is often found in the form of crystal deposits with in granite rocks.

Some Facts About White Topaz Stone

  • The White Topaz gemstone is a birthstone for people born in April month.
  • This gemstone as per Vedic astrology have the blessings of the planet Venus. And it removes the negative effects of Venus from one’s birth chart. Also, it brings the love, charm, and wisdom of Venus to the person.
  • An original White topaz gemstone activates the Crown chakra energy center in the wearer’s body which is located at the crown of the person. This chakra opens your mind and gives you awareness of yourself and about things around you.
  • On the Moh’s scale, the white topaz gemstone have a score of 8 which is a good number, making it a durable stone for daily use.

Benefits of the White Topaz Gem

The White topaz gemstone is in link with the astrological planet Venus. This means that anyone who wears the white topaz will get the blessings of this planet which includes attracting wisdom, love, compassion, and contentment into your life.

Many other benefits of wearing the white topaz gemstone are as follows:

  • This stone will increase your confidence by enhancing your self-awareness. It will help you evaluate yourself and use your strengths and weaknesses in your favor.
  • The stone will also ward off negative energies and keep you protected. It will create a positive shield around you to protect you from evil spirits and evil eyes.
  • The stone’s energy is calming and soothing. It will reduce the tensions and stresses of your life.
  • The powers of the white topaz are also said to include assisting the wearer in overcoming emotional turmoils and depression. It helps to regulate the hormones and attracts happiness into the person’s life.
  • The white topaz benefits also include boosting your communication skills and truthfulness.
  • This stone will also deepen your closest relationships. It will help you maintain the harmony between your bonds.
  • The stone will also give you strength and determination to achieve what you desire.

Healing Properties of the White Topaz

The different white topaz health benefits are as follows:

  • It heals skin problems of all kinds and it makes your skin healthy and glowing.
  • It gives relief from headaches as well as cures migraines.
  • The stone is said to treat any problems related to the urinary system.
  • The stone’s energy will also increase fertility.

White Topaz Gemstone Price

The White Topaz gemstone is a semi-precious gemstone whose cost ranges between Rs. 60,013.00 – Rs. 62,993.00. The price of white topaz gemstone varies due to factors like 4Cs, origins, and quality of the stone. The 4Cs are the cut, color, clarity, and carat in the gemstone market. Mostly the quality and weight of the stone will increase the white topaz stone price.


White topaz is a calming stone with many mystical properties. It increases your creativity as well as concentration. There are many health benefits of the white topaz but it is mostly worn because of the ability to calm the wearer and bring peace.

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