What should be the perfect headphones for running?

young woman running on the park while listening to music with her headphones

Before even putting your running shoes on and you are one of those that know that if you listen to music while doing sports. We can achieve more performance during our session with headphones for running. As well as feel more motivated, reduce the feeling of tiredness and effort, and feel more energy in our body. To carry out this type of activity of continuous movement. It is essential to use the appropriate headphones for this purpose.

To have freedom of movement we must choose to choose wireless headphones with Bluetooth technology. Since the cable ones are not usually as comfortable and tend to limit our movements. But the choice depends a lot on the tastes and needs of each one.

Tips for choosing the best headphones for running

There are a wide variety of models on the Spanish market as you can see on this website that can confuse us when selecting the best headset to perform our exercises. As we well know, not all headphones are suitable for running. For this reason, we are going to explain the designs that exist in the market so that you have detailed knowledge about each design:

  • Headphones with ribbon: Headband headphones usually have exceptional sound quality. But we have to keep in mind that if we are looking for headphones for running, this model is not very light.
  • Headphones with a hook on the neck: If we are looking for the most comfortable and quality headphones for running. We have to say that this model usually has good sound quality but they tend to be somewhat uncomfortable when we increase body speed. The sweat that we release when performing this type of exercise usually affects its useful life.
  • Ear Hook Headphones: This model is usually the most suitable for running. Since while you do this type of exercise we can rest assured that they will not come out of our ears. The only disadvantage that we observed with this type of design. That it does not offer different positions around the pinna.
  • Intraural Headphones: This model of headphones is very good for activities other than running. Why do we say this? Well, because if we are looking for headphones resistant to speed and sweat. We have to know that these are not usually waterproof. Also do not have a specific grip so as not to lose them during our activity.

Now, wireless headphones or wired headphones?

The best option if we are looking for suitable and quality headphones for running is Bluetooth headphones. Also if they are also waterproof, better than better since with this type of activity you tend to sweat a lot and we can damage the headphones if they do not have this quality.
Wired headphones are usually cheaper as a general rule. But we also have to say that they are usually somewhat more uncomfortable to wear for running.

What should we take into account to choose the best headphones for running?

Before selecting headphones for running. We must take into account a series of factors to buy the ones that best suit our needs:

  • Charging time: For the battery to be fully operational. We must ensure that the headphones we are thinking of buying have a charging time of between 2 and 4 hours. It is important that we carry out our activities while running. Such as listening to music and talking on the phone. We must bear in mind that the battery lasts us several days without having to charge them every two to three.
  • Headset compatibility: Before buying the headphones that we are going to use for running. We must also check that they are fully compatible with the device that we are going to use for this type of activity.
  • Waterproof: When we run, as a general rule. We all tend to sweat a lot. For this reason, we must take into account that they are waterproof.  So we prevent our headphones from being damaged as soon as we use them. As a general rule, these headphones are usually waterproof, although we have to look at the degree of protection against sweat.
  • Weight and measure: We should buy some headphones for running that are light and have adequate measurements to facilitate the activity and to feel comfortable at all times.
  • Button functions: Today, most running headphones have buttons to activate different functions while running. Such as playing music, controlling the volume, and taking calls, among others.
  • Bluetooth: In order for us to fully enjoy our sport. It is important that the headphones we choose for running have quality Bluetooth. For this reason, we recommend not choosing to buy cheap headphones.