What are the Benefits of Display Boxes

What are the Benefits of Display Boxes

The benefits of Display Boxes are undoubtedly great for both brands and products. Not only do they help advertise brands and products, they also serve as a great promotional tool. As such, every manufacturer needs Display Boxes for their product marketing. The benefits of Display Boxes are undoubtedly many. Read on to learn more about this essential marketing tool. So, why is it so important? What makes Display Boxes so important for manufacturers?

Customized Display Boxes

Compared to other forms of packaging, Customized Display Boxes are a great option for retail stores. Since the cardboard material is highly customizable, different personalization options can be added to the boxes to increase their appeal and boost their chances of sales. Other popular personalization options include adding custom window cut-outs for enhanced aesthetic appeal and ease of carrying. The use of add-ons, such as a handle, is also on-trend and can enhance the overall appearance of the box.


Cardboard Display Boxes have several advantages. These containers are inexpensive, easy to assemble, and can be moved to other locations. They also take up less space and can accommodate more products than other types of displays. Here are some reasons why you should use these boxes for your next business endeavor. Hopefully, these tips will help you make the most of your cardboard display boxes! After all, the more you know about them, the better off you’ll be.


Acrylic display boxes are ideal for use in museum displays since their smooth surface makes it possible to view the objects inside without glare. However, the clear surface of acrylic may become dirty over time due to air currents, dust particles, or oils on the fingertips. It is therefore vital for museum curators to clean the acrylic surfaces regularly to maintain their quality. Here are some tips for cleaning your acrylic display box. Using a soft cloth and non-abrasive cleaning agents, you can clean the surface easily. You can use canned air or clean water to remove light stains. Avoid using window cleaners, cleaning solvents containing ammonia, or chemicals to clean the surface.


You’ve got memorabilia that you want to display and protect, and plexiglass display boxes are an excellent option. Whether you’re displaying a collection of football cards or baseball cards, these protective containers are the perfect way to go. Not only will these boxes look stunning, but they’ll keep your memorabilia safe, too. Plus, they can even be used upside down as a container.


Depending on your business needs, tabletop display boxes can be customized in various ways. Some come with removable peg hooks to hold hangable items, such as key chains. Others are used to hold blister-packed items or accessories. Either way, tabletop boxes put your products at eye level for the potential customer. They also allow you to store large amounts of hard-to-present items. And, they can be customized to fit a brand’s logo or a unique design, if needed.

PDQ Trays

PDQ Trays are a versatile, cost-effective retail display option. They are designed for speed and flexibility and feature a range of eye-catching colors, sharp one-liners, and value propositions. As the most valuable retail space, a PDQ Tray is essential to a successful retail environment. Bennett can help you design a custom display to optimize your retail space and shape your customer experience and sales.


A single-tiered cardboard counter display box is perfect for stocking similar items. A focused assortment streamlines the shopping process. One can also opt for simpler fixtures with different product colors and styles. Multi-tiered counter display boxes, on the other hand, allow for more thematic merchandising options. They also serve as a good way to showcase top-selling items. Buying Custom Boxes Packaging in bulk is also a good option for increasing brand awareness.


Offering samples of your products is a great way to gain valuable feedback. It allows you to test out new items and gauge customer interest. Whether you are a manufacturer or a distributor, samples of display boxes are a great option. Place them near the entrance of your store or checkout counter. These boxes are easy to carry around. They also look great! Read on for tips on how to use samples for your displays. Below are some examples.