Top 8 Most Expensive Photographs Ever Sold

Most Expensive Photographs

Summary: There are many most expensive photographs in the world. But, only a few made it to the level of the Phantom photograph or the most expensive picture. This piece of writing throws light on the same.

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When it comes to the most expensive photo in the world or the most expensive photo ever sold, the list is never-ending. But, in this piece of writing, we are going to highlight the top 8 most expensive high-end photography that describes the sheer talent and art of the artist.

Phantom By Peter Lik, $6.5 million

Fine artist Peter Lik on 9th December 2014 allegedly happened to shatter all his existing records with his sale of the Phantom black and white image. He said that the purpose of all his photographs highlights capturing the power of nature and conveying it in such a manner that inspires people to feel connected and passionate about the photograph.

Being the most expensive picture, his work of art included additional images that amounted to 10 billion dollars in total. Phantom is one of the most expensive photographs in the world and there is no word yet to describe the beauty of the photograph by Peter Lik.

Rhein II By Andreas Gursky (1999) $4.3 million

Andreas Gursky is a German photographer knows for the large format architecture and landscape pictures. Andreas auction mainly contains photographs generally taken from the above. Rhine II is the most expensive photo in the world and it set the world record for a sale of 4.3 million dollars.

It auctioned in New York in November 2011. The artist wanted to construct a desolate landscape. Therefore, he removed all the distracting elements including cyclers, walkers, and a factory building. In an interview, the artist described the vision for his image saying that it comprised a lot of minimalism. Being one of the most expensive photographs in the world, for the artist, his picture is about the meaning of how things are and how generally life is.

Untitled #96 By Cindy Sherman (1981) $3.9 million

The 1981 photograph entitled Untitled #96 by Cindy Sherman happened to hit the world record for the biggest sale of the photograph at Christie’s auction. It is the most expensive picture as the artist is famous for her provocative self-portraits. Being exceptionally popular with the collectors, the artist happened to net 13.7 billion dollars in one auction exclusively.

To Her Majesty By George And Gilbert (1973) $3.7 Million

George John Gilbert is the partner in work and life, but the cartoon happens to be adamant that they are called two people and one artist. Their work has achieved a place to iconoclast levels within the last decade. They are all the talk of the town in the art industry. Their high-end photography skills are talked about every time. One of the reasons for creating beautiful pictures according to them is to change the people. They do not want to be congratulated on how they are, rather they want their art to be appreciated.

Dead Troops Talk By Jeff Wall (1992) $3.7 Million

Jeff Wall is a Canadian artist best known for large-scale backlit pictures. His most expensive photo in the world is considered a major influence led by Andreas Gursky. He didn’t want to make the dead troops talk by commenting on the Afghan war. Rather he is as he wants to create a picture of a dead man talking. It was an image or a theme or both that happened spontaneously. Therefore, the picture emits a personal starting point.

Untitled (Cowboy) — Richard Prince (2001-2002) $3.4 million

Richard Prince started his foray and turned it into artistry gradually. He held onto the things that were left for the magazines after articles were clipped out. Untitled was the most expensive photo in the world that represents the height of the fascination with American archetypes. Being one of the most expensive pictures, an entitled cowboy in the bigger sense is the meditation on the entire culture’s attraction to spectacle over lived experience.

99 Cent II, Diptycon By Andreas Gursky (2001) $3.3 Million

The first time audience saw the photographs by Andreas Gursky, they had a sensation that something was going to happen. The photograph felt much more generalized than it was. The panoramic color huge prints up to 6 feet high and 10 feet long had a formal power and different presence in numerous cases. They had the majestic aura of the landscape paintings of the 19th century. Being one of the most expensive photos ever sold, the picture was meticulously detailed as the subject matter depicted the contemporary world’s dispassionately scene from a distance.

Los Angeles By Andreas Gursky (1998) $2.9 Million

In the high-tech, expensive, Global, fast-paced, big world Los Angeles by Andreas Gursky happens to be one of a kind. It is one of the most expensive photographs in the world and has bagged 2.9 million dollars in the Andreas auction.

Wrapping Up

The popularity of photography happens to be still undeniable therefore all the photo fairs that you see around the globe are so undeniably good. It seems that most expensive photographs still are sold at auctions. The above list highlights the top 8 most expensive pictures. We have described the details of the artist in history and the rest you need to know about the photographs as to why they are so popular in the world. Read the full article to know why these paintings have made it to the famous auctions in the world and why people are still curious about more of them.

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