Neelam stone of Mahadasha Good or Bad Effects

Neelam stone

The Neelam stone popularly known as the Blue Sapphire gemstone all over the world is one of the most beautiful and beneficial stones of all times. This gemstone is one of the Navratans, which are the nine most influential, beneficial, and potential stones in the world.

An original neelam stone is in association with the planet Saturn also known as Lord Shani. Saturn rules this stone so the person who wears this gem will get the blessings of this planet. However, it is important that the stone should be worn when it is suitable for you and through the right Vedic pooja procedure.

In this article, we will discuss the Neelam gemstone and its effects on Shani Mahadasha.

Bad Effects Due to Shani Mahadasha

The Shani Mahadasha in one’s birth chart or Kundli can cause you many troubles. The bad effects of Saturn can stay in your life for a long time, for many years. Due to the Mahadasha, your success can be delayed. Problems may come in your way. The Shani Mahadasha can make you restless as well as anxious. It may also give you many health issues.

How to Remove Shani Mahadasha?

To remove the Shani Mahadasha you should be performing a proper pooja. You can do the Rudra Abhishek and with the proper Vedic pooja process in an auspicious manner and under an auspicious time.

Wearing An original Blue Sapphire gemstone which is energized through the proper Vedic pooja will remove the negative effects of Saturn from your life. And will bring you positive energies.

Benefits and Side Effects of the Neelam Gemstone

The Blue Sapphire gemstone can have both positive and negative vibes in your life. If the stone is not suitable with your birth chart then you might have to face the negative effects. But if the stone is suitable with your Kundliu and you wear the stone with proper purification process, the stone will bring you many benefits and healing properties.

Side Effects of Wearing Neelam Stone

  • You can get into an accident and can get physically harmed or injured. This can be severe.
  • Bad dreams and nightmares can start and may cause you restlessness. This can also lead to a lack of sleep which can make you irritated and tired throughout the day.
  • It can increase your anxiety and make you violent as well.
  • Stress and tension can also surround you.
  • It is possible that you may have to face financial situations and lose money in some way.
  • The negative effects of the blue sapphire can also be health problems. You may have eye problems or have frequent headaches.

Good Effects of Wearing a Neelam Gemstone

A natural Neelam gemstone is a stone that when given positive vibes will be so beneficial for you that it will entirely change your life for the better. The stone will bring you its positive vibes and create a soothing aura around you which will protect you from evil spirits and bad luck.

Many other benefits of the blue sapphire stone are:

  • The stone’s energy will increase your confidence level and self-esteem. It will help you be more focused on your goals, be more charmingly presentable, and grab opportunities that come your way.
  • Neelam gemstone will assist you with your communication skills and public speaking skills as well. It will help you enhance your personality traits and be more expressionable as well.
  • The energy of the stone will also bring you a calming aura which will attract serenity and peace in your life. It will keep your mind free of anxiety and stress.
  • The stone has many healing properties as well. It provides relief from headaches, boosts your energy levels, and reduces depression.

Before wearing a strong stone with so much power like a Blue Sapphire aka Neelam stone, it is essential to consult with an expert astrologer or Pundit. A Pandit will ensure that you are wearing the correct gemstone of the right weight and in the right metal as well as with the proper purification method so that you will get its maximum benefits.

To Conclude

The Blue Sapphire gemstone aka Neelam Ratna is a beautiful gemstone with a blue hue and a little blackish tint. This stone is one of the most durable and astrologically beneficial gemstones. It is especially worn to remove Saturn’s Ill effects that is the Shani Mahadasha from one’s Kundli or natal chart.

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