Most Common Ailments That Require Physiotherapy

Most Common Ailments That Require Physiotherapy

“Act before it’s too late”. In the busy lives of Bombay nagri, we often ignore pains or discomfort that might become big in the near future. We procrastinate until we know it’s too late. Here are some body ailments that can be de-rooted permanently with the prescription of the best physiotherapist in mumbai. The body is not the subject to ignore. We earn to live a good life and with ailments/pains, our lives can never be good. So stay tuned to find out which ailments need physiotherapy treatment ASAP. 

ACL Reconstruction

ACL reconstruction is the surgery to cope with the tear in the ACL ligaments in the knees. The tear in this ligament is a common problem amongst athletes but it can also be caused by heavy activities, prolonged stress on knees, wrong standing postures, or even wearing tight slippers.  

After Surgery 

After surgery, physiotherapy helps in the recovery, significantly reducing the aftermath of the surgery. Physiotherapy is not only important post-surgery, if done pre-surgery it optimizes the results of the surgery.  

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis aka ALS is a neurological disease in which motor neurons responsible to control voluntary muscle movement like chewing, walking, talking, etc. dies. The condition worsens over time. Diagnosed with this disease, people complain of muscle weakness accompanied by difficulty in breathing, minor activities and basic movements. 

After Arthroscopy

Arthroscopy is a diagnosis process in which a small camera or tool goes inside the body to check the problems within or around the joints. Post Arthroscopy, physiotherapy is prescribed as part of the recovery process.  

Constant Back Or Neck Pain 

Pain is the body’s cry for help. If you are constantly experiencing back or neck pain it is because of the wrong posture, sitting in a position for too long, no exercises, etc. the pain remains for a lifetime if proper physiotherapy treatment is not taken.  

Cerebral Palsy 

The most common disorder in children, Cerebral Palsy directly hits a human being’s capability to maintain a balance or posture. The major reason for Cerebral Palsy in children is abnormal development of the brain that is responsible for sending signals to the body. 

Consistent Foot Pain 

Whether it’s an after-effect of an accident or a prolonged pain in joints, ligaments, tendons, or nerves, the best physiotherapist in Mumbai goes to the roots of the problem and solves it through customized physiotherapy sessions.  

Fractures And Dislocations 

Fractures And Dislocations could last a lifetime if left untreated. Even after treatments, it is mandatory to take multiple physiotherapy sessions just to ensure that the ailment goes from the roots. If proper care or sessions are not taken it is possible the pain hits at frequent intervals.   

Hip Fractures 

Most common in elderly or overweight individuals, hip fractures remain for a lifetime if not diagnosed on time. In severe situations, people need surgery to restore their hip bones. Post-surgery, physiotherapy sessions ensure rehabilitation of the broken hip bones so that it never hampers the quality of life. In minor injuries, medications and physiotherapy alone could do the task. 

Knee Replacement  

Knee replacement is the surgery that improves the quality of life by giving the elixir of mobility to the patient. Surgery is to relieve a patient’s pain which is possible only if it is accompanied by several physiotherapy sessions. In such cases, physiotherapy sessions ensure the functional wellness of the knees. 

Physiotherapy From The Comfort Of Your Home

Every minute is more valuable than money, so why waste them traveling when physiotherapy is now possible from home. Benefit from the best physiotherapy at home in Mumbai tailored specifically to your problems. With physio at home, you can restore your health from the comfort of your home.