Meet The Scorpion Kings, Who Continue To Wear Drive’s Jacket

Drive Scorpion Jacket

The Scorpion King might actually be a name of the movie, starring Dwayne Johnson or the main antagonist in that Mummy Sequel. However, this is just not the case here. We are actually talking about the people who are styling the memorable Drive Scorpion Jacket during halloween eve. In some cases, it has also become a trendy subject for some casual wear nowadays.

Ryan Gosling sure made shockwaves when appearing in the movie ‘Drive’. Right now, after the release of Barbie, he is booming with pride. He is adored for his portrayal of Ken. Well, It’s not necessarily Ken Masters that he portrayed, but yes Ken the boyfriend of Barbie nonetheless. However, to this day, Drive has received more acclaim than the current movie. It continues to grow a cult following. Which also includes the Scorpion Kings that I have mentioned above.
So, who exactly are the Scorpion Kings ? Are they a Ryan Gosling fan club or something ? Let’s go take a look.

Meet Robert

Although it is rare to see a high school boy keeping faith in the same design. Our Scorpion King here took notice of the style. I would like you to meet Robert, a high school student from New York. He has kept the iconic Drive Scorpion Jacket in his wardrobe. You might be surprised that this kid actually got into the movies through ‘Drive’. The zoom interview here tells all.

In the zoom interview, Robert said that he actually received it as a gift from his female friend. Most of his friends talked about the movie. He thrillingly watched an unhinged, love-struck hero. That is not all; the kid never understood the Drive Scorpion Jacket until he saw the movie.He described his unhinged cool personality as something to fall in love with.

Interestingly, it is very rare for a kid to be introduced to movies when he watches someone like Ryan Gosling taking on a darker role. Robert also stated that he continues to wear this jacket every halloween and he probably cannot get enough of it.

The Other Movies

While Drive was his introduction to movies and Ryan Gosling, Robert’s interest reached even a bigger milestone. His girlfriend actually gifted him with a jacket from Gosling’s another movie ‘Blue Valentine’. This one was also his favorite movie as well, which just shows how much love Ryan Gosling got ever since ‘Drive’. Not even his iconic Drive Scorpion Jacket has been forgotten by many.

To be honest, ‘Barbie’ also got the attention of Robert due to Ryan Gosling being there. He further said that Gosling was awesome in that movie too. From the memes to news, Robert can’t get enough of one of the most charismatic movie stars to ever grace the silver screen. However, ‘Drive’ has always remained in his heart as the movie that would be remembered even in the next generation.

Just like Robert, I would say that ‘Drive’ is unforgettable in many ways and not even a person can say that Ryan Gosling sucks.

Stilling wearing the Jacket

The movie ‘Drive’ will be remembered for all of eternity, especially by all, as the most iconic outerwear in a movie is the Drive Scorpion Jacket. Even though Robert has watched so many movies of Ryan Gosling, the Drive Scorpion Jacket has always been with him. He stated that this jacket was his all time favorite among the other ones.

He still wears this jacket during the time for movies while watching some of his most iconic ones. Roberts also wears this during Halloween or going out with his girlfriend. Speaking of girlfriends, she also wants her boyfriend to wear that Drive Scorpion Jacket since he looks so cute in it. This is actually an attribute that Robert appreciates later in life as it has been a great memory to him.

He also said that he likes to wear it while watching Some of Ryan Gosling’s classic movies, which also includes Drive. Robert has watched this movie million times and has also come to imitate the style that Ryan Gosling carried during the movie. It is often a common case for a regular movie fan, but it is also nice to see that a kid like Robert style appreciates his introduction to movies.


This is not just any interview, but an inspiration for all the young boys and girls around the world. The Drive Scorpion Jacket has influenced a whole new generation with a style that has never been here before. The Scorpion on the back is the remainder of how awesome Ryan Gosling was. As Robert has said in his interview, this is a style that would carry on to the next generation.

So, the term Scorpion Kings is an actual one since it denotes the fans of ‘Drive’ and the Drive Scorpion Jacket. This is sort of a community made of the original fans of Ryan Gosling, who view him as an icon and an inspiration. Every young boy like Robert also has this jacket while they all have stuck to this style ever since. This would do the wonders for the next generation to come, let me tell you.

Closing the Chapter

Ryan Gosling is a true star in his own right and all this comes from his performance in ‘Drive’. Secondly, that Drive Scorpion Jacket is what made him a bigger icon in the eyes of young boys, especially the young New Yorker, Robert. To him, this guy brought him to the world of movies.

In a world where people are captivated by guys like Sylvester Stallone and Jean Claude Van Damme, this guy has surely surpassed them. In a movie like ‘Drive,’ Ryan Gosling has mostly adored the new generation by raising the bar while also establishing himself as a mega star caliber actor. So, The Scorpion Kings have found their biggest crush and inspiration after all.

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