Does McAfee WebAdvisor collect user’s information?

McAfee WebAdvisor collect

It is free to use McAfee WebAdvisor product and it is effective in keeping you safe when the user is online. It identifies and warns you about all potential risk downloads and websites. When WebAdvisor starts running in the browser after an installation, it will collect information automatically when someone browses the web.

What information does McAfee WebAdvisor collect?

When the user installed McAfee WebAdvisor, it immediately starts working by collecting information when you are on the web. Such information includes-

  • Searches which you have conducted
  • Websites which you visit

Why McAfee WebAdvisor collects data?

This is a fact that McAfee WebAdvisor collect user’s information and the collected information is used for improving the service to the users and to use McAfee WebAdvisor for free. For achieving this, visited websites information is use for relevant and useful advertisement. WebAdvisor contacts McAfee’s primary database to appear the safety ratings about the websites which the users visit. It actually does these things as the database is too large and updates at regular intervals to download and video the stored copy on the device or computer.

McAfee never stops private details like browsing activities of customers but it also keeps unidentified logs of the sites which the customers visit so that they can prioritize those websites for checking it again. These logs don’t record any personal details like specific user visited sites or identifying information personally like IP address.

When McAfee WebAdvisor gets install, the user can choose the Product Improvement Program. In these WebAdvisor programs, one can send anonymous statistics about the McAfee software performance. Such information can be use to make improvements to the entire experience of the users. The users who have chosen this program can also report the sites automatically which they detected as dangerous.

How does McAfee WebAdvisor tell if a website is safe?

McAfee WebAdvisor calculates the website’s safety by checking the vast array of available data in the lab tests that include the below-given criteria-

  • If a site doesn’t offer newsletter subscriptions or content downloads. Check these downloads will  on CPs  for viruses and any bunch of adware, spyware, as well as other malicious programs
  •  Check Subscriptions and registration by filling the forms using a one time address
  • Also, check websites for annoying activities like browser exploits, excessive notifications, and other fraud activities as well
  • Check sites for associations or similarities with other  sites . With the same procedure, check the affiliations of the website.
  • These assessments are with reviews and feedback about the suspicious websites from the users and experts before the website reaches at the final stage

At last, the current automated testing procedures will update the safety ratings which are based on the new information that is collected via the constant web monitoring

Safety warning used by McAfee WebAdvisor

WebAdvisor takes the help of five different safety rating rings or the icons that classify the websites by the risks  that are there in them. It also checks the icon for the sites which haven’t been tested yet.

Green Icon- Green icon means that the site is safe and found that there are no viruses and is  safe from McAfee’s end.

McAfee Secure Icon- A site with the secure icon of McAfee is daily checked or certified via the McAfee Security Checks to help to prevent cyber threats that include spyware, identity theft, viruses, and many more. This icon also has the list of the site and date which was last certified.

Yellow Icon- The site may contain some risky elements or bugs. Take caution while finding the site and interacting with the content. It is suggestion to read the report of the WebAdvisor if it is essential to visit the website. If another source can offer the same details as this site, avoid using it.

Red/Blocked Icon- The site is not safe  and there are some serious risks  in it. Please it is a request to you  do not use such websites.

Question Mark Icon- This website has not gone through the test, so it is not possible to check its safety. It is advisable to use caution while using unknown websites. If the same information is available on another source then, it is better to choose for that.

Wrap Up-

McAfee WebAdvisor collect is the safest way to browse sites without any risk. The main thing is that WebAdvisor will collect browsing information and there is nothing to worry about as it will never share any of the information with anyone or anywhere.