Bubble Letter U Drawing Tutorial

Bubble Letter U Drawing


In the event that we’re keeping count, the letter U is the twenty-first letter of the letter set. It’s a genuinely considered normal letter that we utilize a great deal, and it’s likewise truly simple to compose. Whether you’re drawing a capital U or a lowercase one, all you want is a basic bended line and you have a letter U all set. Learn this blog and visit the latest drawing tutorials like Creative Landscape and nature drawing.

This guide won’t be tied in with composing a normal U, notwithstanding. We will make a truly fun form of the letter by telling you the best way to draw an bubble letter U.

Stage 1: Bubble Letter U Drawing

While making this drawing, it will assist with taking a gander at the last picture to see what we will work towards. As we referenced, U is certainly not an especially convoluted letter to compose. Drawing it as an bubble letter ought not be excessively troublesome on the off chance that you know what to do, however it can require a consistent hand.

For the initial step of the aide, we will really be drawing a shape that truly seems to be a topsy turvy U. Just utilize a consistent, bended stroke of your pen or pencil to define this boundary. It’s as simple as that now, and in the following stage we will proceed with the line to make the foundation of the letter.

Since this letter is so straightforward, arranging it out will not be absolutely important. Notwithstanding, if you need to guarantee a good outcome then you can draw it out in pencil.

Stage 2: Cute Bubble Letter U Drawing

As we addressed in the past step, this step will be tied in with proceeding with the line you started in the final remaining one. This line may be a piece trickier, so take it gradually. Expand the line down from the left-hand point of the line from the initial step. It will reach out down, bending marginally until it goes to one side.


The slant of this line ought to be extremely slight, as we maintain that it should be for the most part vertical. It’s a basic step as long as you take it gradually! In the event that you go excessively fast, your hand might wobble and the line might look altogether too wavy. The secret to attracting is consistently to take as much time as is needed with it.

Stage 3: Easy Bubble Letter U Drawing

Your bubble letter U will truly begin to come to fruition in this step. We will actually want to see what the last letter will resemble once you add this next segment.

We will proceed with the past line, and it will bend forcefully. You can attract to one side with an extremely slight slant and afterward begin climbing. Essentially, you will repeat how it looks on the left side, with the distinction being that we will draw from the base up rather than the reverse way around.

Stage 4: Bubble Letter U Drawing

As guaranteed, this step will see you completing the total layout of the letter. Assuming you take a gander at what the last variant of the letter U will seem to be, you will see that the two sides are perfect representations of each other.

Considering that, we will duplicate all that we have done as such far in this aide, recently reflected. To do this, you will be proceeding with the line where you left off already. It will set out up toward somewhat, step by step twisting over. Then, at that point, it will turn around and down, inclining towards the lower part of the letter. At last, twist the line up again until it meets the other line where it finished. Then, you will have the total blueprint of your letter!

Stage 5: Bubble Letter U Drawing

Then, we will add a portion of those little subtleties that we referenced before to give the letter U to a greater degree a 3D, bubble look. We will do this by adding a few straightforward lines and shapes.

The first of these will be a few little oval shapes, one at each tip of the letter. These may not seem like a lot, however they will assist with making the U look intelligent. Then, at that point, we will give the letter some structure by adding a few basic lines to the inward blueprints of the letter.

In our reference picture we kept these negligible and straightforward, yet you can add a greater amount of these in the event that you need to. Before you continue on toward the last step, make certain to add some other subtleties you need! For instance, drawing stripes or perhaps a few shapes on the letter could be entertaining. We will likewise take a gander at certain ways you can make an entire subject or picture out of the letter after the aide.

Stage 6: Bubble Letter U Drawing

Picking the right tone for any drawing is something that will rely upon who is doing the drawing. Something could rely upon what an individual’s number one tone or varieties would best suit the image. We show you one chance in our reference picture. We picked a radiant pink variety plot for our model, and this gives the picture an exquisite splendid and warm variety conspire. The varieties are most splendid the further you get from the light reflection focuses we included the fifth step. You can utilize this sort of variety slope to additional give this letter a more 3D look. Since you have perceived how we decided to variety in this letter, you can flaunt what colors you would pick! You don’t need to adhere to only one tone, all things considered.

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