5 reasons why the best personalized vitamins are microbeads


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Vitamins come in many forms – pills, capsules, liquids, powders, and our method, microbeads. There are many issues with the first four approaches. Pills and capsules do not allow for personalization of nutrient doses and fail to provide dosing essential to maintaining optimal nutrient levels. Liquids and powders present problems with nutrient stability, formulation stability, and absorption. The rapid delivery of nutrients through these methods can result in poor nutrient absorption and poor blood nutrient level maintenance.

Why Microbeads?

Microbeads solve these issues and set this method apart from capsules and other delivery methods.   This is why the makers of personalized vitamins and vitamin subscription services realize that providing their customers with more information on the products is a great way to do just that.

We will dive into five reasons microbeads are the best way to receive personalized vitamins and minerals and the many benefits associated with our personalized daily multivitamin subscription service.

1) Precise Personalization

Microbeads are one of the best ways to provide hyper-personalization.  Each nutrient can be dosed to the milligram microbead technology. genetic, and blood data to ensure that an optimal nutrient range is achieved and maintainedhis or her individual needs.

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 A personalized level of a nutrient is essential to keep you in the optimal range – one-size-fits-all pills cannot adjust for that.

2) Optimal Nutrient Absorption

Micronutrients are formulated to gradually release nutrients into the gastrointestinal tract throughout the day. provides for optimal absorption by reducing channel competition between contraindicated nutrients and spacing out the nutrients in the intestine.

This delivery system solves the problem that pills, capsules, powders, and liquids run into – quickly depositing the full dose of a nutrient into your system.

Micronutrients use a slow-release matrix that dissolves nutrients with an average rate of 10-12 hours. This ensures optimal nutrient absorption and takes into consideration the absorption channels that certain nutrients compete for.

3) Extended Blood Level Maintenance

Personalized vitamins is the way they help maintain optimal blood nutrient levels. Pills, capsules, liquids, and powders release nutrients into the bloodstream rapidly. Resulting in a failure to maintain appropriate blood nutrient levels throughout the day.

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Microbeads work by slowly releasing nutrients into the blood stream with a steady drip. This helps keep blood nutrient levels at an optimal range for a longer period of time. Leading to better nutrient distribution and tissue saturation.

4) Added fiber

Microbeads provide between 4-8 grams of fiber per day through. Their slow-release matrix (depending on the member’s specific formulation and data).

Adding And lowers cholesterol levels. Fiber helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels insulin sensitivity.

5) Clean Delivery

Many supplements and vitamin packs contain other ingredients in the product. preservatives and artificial colors, dyes, and sweeteners.

Microbeads use the cleanest delivery system and natural ingredients. Using only the raw nutrient + pharmaceutical-grade cellulose and starch (this comprises the slow-release matrix) . A sustainably-farmed beeswax coating.

Precision Personalization

Precision medicine takes into account an individual’s differences in genes, lifestyle, and environment to produce solutions. As determined by the individual’s data.

In the past few years, clinicians and researchers have become increasingly interested in using personalized vitamins as part of medical care. There has been considerable interest in using micronutrients to prevent and help treat chronic diseases. There is an increasing enthusiasm about vitamins and minerals. Ingested in supplements and the effects. They can have on gene expression and metabolism.

How Rootine uses data and precision nutrition

Rootine uses a lifestyle quiz, DNA test. And blood test results and combines these numerous points of data that influence. The final recommended. Dose for each nutrient to help you achieve your health goals and fit your nutrient needs.

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