12 Excellent Tips for an Easy Pet Relocation

12 Excellent Tips for an Easy Pet Relocation

12 Excellent Tips for an Easy Pet Relocation

Moving with pets is a herculean task for many people. They seek professional packers and movers for safe pet relocation. However, they can’t figure out the best movers for pet relocation. Even if they find them, a stress-free pet relocation is not possible for them. The reason behind it is that they commit some mistakes during the move.

Like other relocations, transporting pets from one location to another has numerous challenges. And the problem starts when you don’t know how to solve it.

It is a tough job to handle your pet relocation. However, luckily you can use many tips to make it easier. Here are a few amazing tips that help you move your pets without any stress: –

1. Check the Laws

Some people move abroad and want to carry their pets to a foreign location. However, you must know the rules or laws of this particular country first. Some countries restrict the entry of specific pet breeds into their country. Also, all countries want you to check your pet with your vet. This will let you know the condition of the pet at the time of the move. Besides, some countries also want you to quarantine your pet for a specific time.

So, make sure to abide by these rules before you start moving to that country. The packers and movers know all such rules. This is the reason why they are the best people to move your pets.

2. Prepare an Emergency Kit

Nobody knows about the events of the future. So it is best to prepare an emergency kit for your pet. This kit is extremely necessary for your pet. Your pet too has different needs. And you have to take care of them before shifting to your next destination.  Make sure to put food, grooming tools, toys, etc in this kit. Put all these things in the kit and take them out whenever you need them.

3. Book your Flight Early

If you are moving to a foreign country, then you must book your flights in advance. This will lower some of your stress. This is important as a few airlines only take a specific number of pets on a flight. Also, booking your flight early will help you in streamlining your move perfectly.

4. Choose IATA Compliant Carriers

IATA-compliant pet carriers are the best to move your pet internationally. These carriers are highly qualitative. You need to measure the size of your pet before purchasing them. Make sure to buy the carriers that are not big and not small. So, choose the carrier that makes your pet comfortable in all aspects.

5. Update Info on their Tags

Pets have identification tags that need to be updated. These tags must have your pet’s name, your home address, and your phone number. Update your current info on your pet’s tag. This information will help you search for your pet if he goes missing during the move.

6. Keep Your Pets Away

Make sure to keep your pets away from the moving scene. They won’t let your movers do their work. So, the best would be to keep your pets in a room. You can also leave your pets with your relatives till the completion of the move.

7. Let the Pets Roam Freely

Give complete freedom to your pet. Let him do anything that he wants. Your pets might be tired like you after the move. So, you must make him comfortable in the new house. Set him free in the new home. He will roam freely in the home which will make him comfortable. Let him adjust to the new environment.

8. Take the Pet in your Vehicle

Make sure to carry your beloved pet in your own vehicle. That would be much more safe and comfortable for him. If you have cats and dogs, then you can put them in the back seat. However, make sure to put them in a carrier. Use the kennel to put the bigger dog. Also, make sure to put it in the back of your car. The big dog is big in size, so you might have to put your seats down to make appropriate space for him. You can also use blankets to cover your pets. Your pets will feel more comfortable when you do it.

9. Search for a Pet-friendly Hotel

If you are on a long-distance move, you can find a pet-friendly hotel for your pet. These hotels will be much more comfortable for your pet. They possess special beds for pets as well as other amenities required by the pets. However, you need to pay extra money to keep a pet in these hotels. So, you must do some research before choosing a pet-friendly hotel straightaway.

10. Hire Packers and Movers

Moving your pet can be highly stressful for you if you are moving to a faraway location. Like humans, pets too experience stress. So, they tend to get stressed in a long-distance move. There are many incidents of pets dying during the move. So, the best would be to hire the packers and movers that offer specialized pet relocation services.

Many pet relocation firms ensure the safe transportation of your pets to any faraway location. They have trained staff that can handle the pet in a professional way. These movers take good care of your pets during the move.

11. Carry Pet Supplies

It is also important to carry important pet supplies during the pet relocation. Here are the important supplies that you have to pack for your pet:-

  • A leash
  • Pet food
  • Freshwater
  • Medicines
  • Comfortable bedding
  • Pet identification tags with the right info

If you are on a long-distance relocation, then you might need pet the food during the move. If your pet food is finished between the move, you can find pet stores on your route and purchase their food.

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12. Find the New Vet

You might need a new vet for your pet at the new destination. You can consult your old vet to help you find a new pet at your new location. He will be a great help in finding a new vet for your pet.


There are other tips that you can use to make your pet relocation a stress-free affair. However, the best tip would be to hire packers and movers as they are the best people to move your pet without any stress.