10 Best Things to Do in Chicago in 2022

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Another year is here, and it’s time to plan a trip with your loved ones. People haven’t really been able to travel across the world during this global pandemic. But now that the situation is under control, dust off your bags and start packing already. Chicago city is a perfect combination of fun, adventure, and romance. The city awaits its guests from across the globe with so much to explore. From Lincoln Park Zoo for families to Aire Ancient Baths for couples, this city has something for everyone. To be a part of this astounding trip, get yourself Delta Airlines booking

If you are planning to go on a romantic getaway or a fun family holiday, we have prepared a list of a few things you can do in Chicago this year. Let’s dive into this adventure together!

Fun Things To Do In Chicago With Your Family

Have Free Fun At Millennium Park

The one place that suits families, partners, or people on a solo trip is Millennium Park. This park has quite a few landmarks of the city. And the best part? This adventure is completely free. From outdoor screenings to events to musical concerts, you and your family will find a lot of fun activities to be a part of. The most famous parts of this park are the Cloud Gate and the Crown Fountain. Instead of looking at the fountain from a distance, go crazy and have a fun, splash time with your kids. Don’t forget to carry a towel and a pair of extra jeans, just in case.

Deep Into the Marine Life At Shedd Aquarium

Take your kids to Shedd Aquarium when you are in Chicago and bring them closer to the underwater world. This tour is not just fun but educational at the same time. Right when you put your first step inside this massive aquarium, you will find the exhibits of Caribbean Reef. This is where your kids will be astonished to see the giant sharks and huge sea turtles. In addition to that, you can also introduce sea lions, otters, and other wide range of sea creatures. 

Watch Exotic Wildlife At Lincoln Park Zoo

Once you are done talking about everything that lives underwater, take your kids to Lincoln Park Zoo. This is where you can bring out animals from their books to real life. Lincoln park zoo is yet another fun, educational, and free attraction for families to explore. The management of the zoo has a lot for its visitors. You can explore Family Nature Days and Zoo Camps. If your kids are between 2 to 4 years of age, then you can take them to LEAP, Learn, Explore, And Play sessions. 

Explore The Galaxy At Adler Planetarium

Now, it’s time to go on an adventure to outer space. Chicago has arranged every possible fun tourist attraction for families visiting with their little ones. Adler Planetarium. A walk across this planetarium will make your kids more curious and interested in space and the galaxies. The top attraction of this planetarium is the huge Grainger Sky Theatre, where you can watch fun documentaries. Your kids can enjoy the special kids’ section while you explore every corner at this fantastic set-up. Your kids can even put on an astronaut suit and dream to become the next rockstar of the world. 

Soak The Sun At North Avenue Beach

You can put a perfect end to this adventure by the side of Chicago’s most famous family beach. North Avenue Beach is perfect for you to lie by the splashing wave and sip your favorite mocktail while your kids have fun on the sandy stretch. This place is the best choice for a day out, away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Beside the beach lies a few trails where you can go biking, hiking, and riding too. If you have time, you can also attend a yoga class at Sun and Moon Beach Yoga to relax your body and calm your soul. 

Romantic Things To Do In Chicago For Couples

Aire Ancient Baths 

Soaking in together can bring you a lot closer to your better half. Aire Ancient Baths are one of the best things you can do in Chicago together. Inside this restored factory, you will find a wide range of bathing experiences. Hot water baths, cold, icy plunges, jet pools, and a lot are all set up under this one roof. This Valentine’s, they have also added two special additions to the collection. So head to Chicago with American Airlines reservations and get this one of its kind experience. 

Fairmont Lodge

If you are planning to visit Chicago during Winters, make sure you spend a night at the Fairmont Lodge. With the coziest interiors and most fascinating decors, this lodge is perfect for spending a night indoors. Lit up the fireplace, grab the finest bottle of fine, get your family take-away food, and put on your favorite movie. Snuggle up to your partner in this warm setting. This lodge offers three different packages with food and drinks. Book the one you want in advance and have a romantic evening. Don’t forget to enjoy the gorgeous views of Lake Michigan and Millennium Park, right from the Fairmont Lodge. 

The Chopping Block

Cooking together, making the mess, cleaning up, and feeding each other is one of the most romantic and erotic activities that every couple must experience once. Here in Chicago, you can head to the chopping block and get your hands dirty and hearts full. Attend a class together, learn how to make your favorite dish together, and create memories like never before. 2022 Valentine’s available classes include  An Evening in Italy, Mediterranean Feast, Virtual Breakfast in Bed, and Mediterranean Feast. Alos make sure to be a part of the Hands-On Macaron Workshop and How about Chocolate Boot Camp. There is a lot more for your bae to do here than you can even think of. 

Sushi Suite 202

Looking for a luxurious, gorgeous, lake-sided place to spend your staycation in Chicago? Land in the city and head straight to Hotel Lincoln. Check into the hotel and ask for a lake-view suite. Suite 202 comes with a lot more than the most fabulous views and decor. You get 75 minutes, 17 course Sushi dining experience. A sushi bar, a cocktail area, comfortable leather furniture, and, in short, a royalty experience. 

Frida: Immersive Dream

If you are planning to take your trip to Chicago after February 24th, then you will be some of the first visitors of Frida: Immersive Dream. Another creation of the team that came up with Immersive Van Gogh is introducing another breath-aking experience for the guests of the city. This place is going to be a dreamland for people deeply in love. Surreal projections on the huge walls, folk art, and amazing musical experience together will make your tour of the city successful. 

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Closing Statement

Chicago is a city for everyone. It has a lot for people of varied tastes. So, this year take your family to this enormous, gorgeous city and have the time of your life. Make sure to get all your reservations in advance because you won’t want to waste any minute in the long queues.